Sunday, August 24, 2014


To my lovely dearest Stephanie
Whom I dearly admire and desire
For the touch of your sweet lips
Upon my mouth thirsting for you
Your eyes like Summer's rain
...Fall upon me with tears
For you'll be my every dream
And everything come true to fears
From within the childhood years
And all that lives through pain
Are the memories of yearning
Burning, Charmed into your sea
My sails blown through the air
Misty night of fuller moon
And midnight thryst to be
Everlasting glow of stars
Through the trees and meadows
All the treasures of your kiss
With the secret of your Love
To me, unto me the joys of you
Are the smile of your lips
The eyes that stare unto me
With sweet sounds of your voice
For you could be my savior
My opium, sweet caress all mine
Yours is to another and I here
For you, only for you I'll try
To write the story of all ages
Mine is to learn, see sights
Sounds to be heard but not like
Your voice to which you speak
I want you, all of you and now
For the times are passing by
As I gaze unto these dreams of Us
For you could be my dream girl
My one true lover whose M.F.E.
And maybe you'll see someday
That I do Love, I Love You.