Friday, December 18, 2015

seulement si (quelques lignes pour une Muse )

Poème : seulement si (quelques lignes pour une Muse )
Date: 2015.November.09
Mots: Joel Bisson

Je l'avoue
   Seulement si je peux avoir
        Ta main dans la
Je promets
   Seulement si je peux avoir
        Toi pour toujours
             Dans la vie
je brûle
   Seulement si je peux avoir
        Tout ce que vous désirez
            cette flamme
je prie
   Seulement si je peux avoir
         Tout de toi
             Pour toujours.

Droit d'auteur Joel R. Bisson © 2,015

si ( A paucis Muse)

Poem : si ( A paucis Muse)
Date : 2015.November.09
Verba : Joel Bisson

   Nisi si potest habere
        In manu tua
   Nisi si potest habere
        maneat vobiscum in aeternum
             In vitam
   Nisi si potest habere
        Omnia quae desiderantur huic
            hac flamma
   Nisi si potest habere
         Vos omnes
             In perpetuum .

Joel R. Bisson Copyright © MMXV

Only If (A Few Lines For A Muse)

Poem: Only If (A Few Lines For A Muse)
Date: 2015.November.09
Words: Joel Bisson

I avow
   Only if I can have
        Your hand in
I pledge
   Only if I can have
        You forever
             In life
I burn
   Only if I can have
        All you desire
            This flame
I pray
   Only if I can have
         All of you

Copyright Joel R. Bisson © 2015

Walk on

To me you are Melissa like the stars
That burst forth such light upon the skies
To see this beautiful sight in your eyes
That is a sight more beautiful by far.

I wanted to say to you how you make me
Smile to see yours when I see you
I like that smile more now
I find that time has a way
To make things easier in time
So this I wanted you to know
That when I do think about you
I will smile for you and how
With things turning around
The Great Mother Earth Will Be
Alright in The Distant Future
I hope to her your beautiful sound
The Sound of Your Voice and Music
I hope that you'll always stay free
And to write this into literature
Would be that we are one in cosmic
Universe That Brought Us Here.

I can't know the future up ahead
But I can tell you this that if
We ever cross paths that we will
Say hello and walk on.

In Knowing

In the knowing of these dreams
And past futures of burning fires
Are all the things that seems
To have encompassed me to desires
For the dreams in dreams of life
From which is the truth of dreams
When you were apart of me, my wife
Whose dreams are what have seemed
To be the dream of a future romance
The knowing of these dream is my fancy
The last dream of two have chance
For the living out of this fantasy.

Copyright Joel R. Bisson © 2013

Friday, November 27, 2015

A Birthday

I write these few brief lines
To celebrate your birthday now
To write for you now and here
Is to keep you in my heart
That whenever we are apart
I hold your memory so dear
That the smile you make shines
Onto me I want you to know
That the beauty you let show
Be the most wondrous sight
I feel so happy somehow
When you smile your light

The poems, novels, films defines
What you mean to me then and now
To write of you in certain light
To keep you in my memory forever
Like the dreams of us together
Tied and bound together by Love
A dream when I close my eyesight
I see us together at long last
We live in memory of dreams past
A Gift given by the Lord above
Like this life I've lived for you
I write a fortune of stories of
Former times, the glories of love
And the times ahead of us now.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

To My Dear'st Miss Balint-szpak

I know you...with,
that look, in your eyes
that moment our eyes met,
It was fate, kismet,
and that I avoid this flame there,
With you in your beautiful brown eyes,
so heavenly to me when you stare,
Into mine such grace and kindness,
I wanted you from that moment on,
It has kept me burning strong,
Strong of Emotion, Loyalty, Admiration,
The fires of a burning candle flame,
Ignites in your eyes when you smile,
I wonder if you ever felt the same,
I know that if you mine even awhile,
You - Would become my savior of a soul,
Write this to you is not my only goal,
Is to let you know what I have for you,
You were to me - Firelight of stars,
Like a dying sun you burn my heart,
I want to dedicate this - my life,
My writing - To You, the Angel,
I've known you...there - waiting,
I wanted to run to you, embrace you,
True would be the intention reclaim,
I burnt strong the desireful flame,
As I burn - Burn for you - only you,
To me you are quite angelical when,
On the day, in time and place wanted,
To meet, You said we should be friends,
I never had such a connection come alive,
I need you to be on the level I burn,
And to this notion for you I will yearn,
When are you going to be here - with me,
With my passionate sweet embrace for us,
I want you to be happy but I want to,
Make you the happiest of women here now,
You...You...Were like a God-Sent Angel,
When all was dark....darker still here,
And now I drown on your sea of ecstasy,
Your rivers of flowing fires of you,
You are a light to me, Shine On Me,
Cast your heart on flames to me then,
Now I write you...for you is a searing
Tale of Lovers embrace in this of ages,
I will write this for you in many pages,
I owe you this and so much more I wished,
I find that the time is right to set free,
All pasts and learn to see dreams finished,
If I can have a chance at forever is you,
You...I will love, cherish as the old perish
The dreams of the past to lite new destinations.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Dream With An Angel

Dear someone, someone I knew or never knew,
I only knew inside a dream, while I’ve dreamt.
One day, or someday, that if we ever meet,
That I will be waiting, to carry you in times,
In moments of darkness I’ll be your light.
I want to share with you the times of life,
My life, Your life, Everyone around at times
I dreamt and it was about me and it was you
I knew then I wanted to spend my life with
You sharing, caring, dealing with day to day
Things which may come our way in these times
It is for you and your family that I’ll pray
For you’ll be safe with blessing from God
I want for you to be happy even though
You may never meet me, we may never last,
And I wanted to be someday at your feet,
Begging, Pleading for you to forgive me
I know that I can be unlikeable but if you
Do forgive and one day we do meet, someday
I’ll be forever yours.

Winter Princess

I’ve traveled far and wide for the one true
woman who sets my soul ablazed
I’ve found the fire within her eyes
when I saw her face see mine eyes
looking As I smiled at her with her
smiling back at me there amazed
And now it had been years searching for
another moment of wishing I now am far,
far from that light and sometimes things
will come around For I have found that
where the sun shines the rainbows end
at her Now I must work to hone which
skills left have I for I have sound Sight
and writings which could last if I publish
all for her.


Yours is a burning flame to which I admire
Mine's to burn for it in every single desire
I want to give you a life worth living for
But it is a long road to redemption before
The tiding sets in and the roaring thunders
Grasp us in the storms collapse on us under
The rain from which flows from mine eyes
For which I am never but satisfied with lies
Which is all I see in the reality of things
With all the truths in that time beginnings
Now all is a cover-up and a conspiracy to me
For I'll never be free of my televised dream
I'll just burn in a city to which is made of
Glass, Lights, Cameras and of course real life
To which I am the center of all the masses if
I was to be at that place with a brand new wife
To call my own I would be forever completed
For it is Times which have brought this gift
A sight beyond the stars and realms of reality
So be to call it a vision of my own destiny
I feel that a new path must be followed in of
A life for which it means to pine for someone
Someone, A Woman, A Beauty Queen, A Kind Lady
I yearn for the chance on which saying my words
Wilt be thou great'st achiev'ment in all lit
A prose work, book, novel, dramatization of
Which seems to be a tale unto itself a story
A Masterpiece of which a play, a tragedy turn
Comedy, An Epic Tale of Love, Passion and Faith
For what happens in life will be what is in death
Rememberance of what was or became of my legacy
For this I will perish, if not totally burn
In the words written are that of heart and for
The years spent before now which breaking tales
Of hearts frozen in time to which it shows
What has happen in a time now lost then before
The time in the now I would've died to try
And there no reasons for what I'll be on trial
So forth that I now live with eternal denial
For what was could not show itself to me as was
What the olde-tymers called a vision of eyes
Well seeing into the fate of oneself and lies
Of people ahead for which should've been avoided
Now all the souls are watching me inside a room
Which there is not a single soul other than me
And I feel an impending sort of fated doom
To which I will fail if I don't try now here
I must be the writer and person I said I wanted
Now avoiding any traps that may fall unto me
And there is where there was a fire to burn
That of which cannot be put out so easily done
Just a chance and a change of lifestyle there
So here's to hoping what comes next isn't wrong
To find the place and Woman to which I belong
I will see what lies ahead of this eternal strife
And there maybe a promise of a better life
For which I burn for a Woman of my eyes vision
Of emotions runs into riverstreams of oceans
The pyres of fate burning a light to which blaze
The flames burn of all the rest of our days
To This I Will Pray For, Yearn For Yearning
Forever For This Life After All The Aftermath
Of A Life That's Been In The Grasp Of Energies
God, Angels, Light, A Force not of this earth
To which I pray for your happiness in realities
Not in reality currently, truly I Love You For
All That You Shown That You Are And I Am Therefore
I will compose, paint, write, build a future
Is it so hard for me to see what could possibly
Be if you and me were one together, maybe not
But I know that building this dream takes time
And if this be my destiny than it's serendipity.

Written Through The Age

I will leave my legacy of this life
Until the days yonder had their last
Love you even if you're not my wife
Burn such passions to write of past
Fires which arose when you had chose
To take my rose and sonnet and love
Love me unto eternity with a promise
For premonitions blessed by all above

keep me in your thoughts for always
I once knew of dreams do come true
But never expected that these days
Somedays would be to bring me to you
And it's always a maybe or what if
I know that I do desire to publish
Of all those words saved for you of
Dreams, Unseen things I'll cherish

Until the end of time remember this
One thing, My Love burns here devote
And here for you my love we'll miss
Our chances but read this love note
It will read of my hopes for a life
Which you are at the center stage
If you'd someday be my only wife
I know we'll last for our of age.

Without You

Without you in my life I would never be complete
The missing pieces to this puzzle lies within you
And what you decide to do now at this crucial time
To the world as it is life I've always been obsolete
For to me love is more important money is my view
And people knew this be the reason for this rhyme
I'll make your heartstrings sweet melodies sing words
I want this of you to imagine how it could've been
The years would could be happy together a serendipity
To have met at all then but now I want to hear words
Your thoughts, ambitious dreams, desires, all goals
People say that our love if true will last eternity

I want to know your dreams and what you have seen
Did you ever dreams of us a wild passionate romance
I think that in this time we are star-crossed souls
For this time I will make things a real true reality
The stories of old that people told about the chance
We had to become one unity, then have entwined souls
We can still have this in time I believe it was here
Now that we were ever really meant to be in divinity
I will pray that you decide what you'll do cause know
My love is true of all years seen in all of our pasts
If you do choose I hope you'll chose from your heart
Because I couldn't see life without I'd die somehow

For all my life I've been dreaming of a woman there
Whose love was the greatest things this world's seen
And she was the one to save me from all of the harm
I know that she was out there as I search as inspire
With those eyes burning wild passionate fires green
I know she was so close but I knew I'd see her alarm
Maybe she had saw that this was all too much for her
And because of this I could not be more regretful of
All the things that have come to past now I must show
How wrong she was in that I'm not what is said either
I am a man who loves a woman for what I seen her love
And the glimmer of sparkle of twilight in her eyes now

I believe she was a woman who desired me to be myself
I never tried to be anything or myself because of them
I do burn for those nights to turn into days come true
This is my be the great love story ending
For that Woman was you and for that I've wrote a poem
Because that day you said you loved me is in my view
The greatest day ever lived to me until we're married
Then everyday is the great days of what summer's burn
A promise of love, secrets revealed unto lovers unity
If that be in life that you're mine and this carried
Onto a higher love of a greater forces divine in turn
I'd ask "Would You Marry Me" we'll be together for all

Where Art Thou Angel?

Oh where art thou angel of red roses
Petals of love in lustral masquerade
For anyone who knows, seen the story
Unfolds into itself the stage forbade
The lovers embrace within their glory
Coming tides of storms we shall evade
Your name'll be known though the dawn
Walk the heavens light me wanting you
When did you come to think I'd be gone
Now without this until we're through
This verse be for all the things done
For you to tell me the words "I Do"
For your love is a treasure to keep
I know I want you to want me this way
But if you can't see yourself in deep
I think that my heart would break away
Fall to pieces, wither, grow cold, die
I Love You in a blessing of all the sky.

Where Are You Now

Wonder is you ever wonder what I dream?
Is made of the things that brought us together
And all what we’ve seen and what is seems
To be is to Love you there with me forever
I want you like the stars need the red sun
Burning is what I have a flame in your name
I’ve felt this sway since the time we begun
And now I am left here to take the blame
For things could not be more off center
And I want to make things right to write
Those days when your bright eyes ember
Would burn onto me a fire still so bright
I want you to want me for me not potential
For what I have for you is substantial
I want you to be mine forever more
I knew this, I knew this all before.

Under The Ice

It is like being trapped under the ice
To be so helpless in this situation
Not knowing if I'll live to see you

Without you nothing will ever suffice
As to be another woman's infatuation
Such as that of yours was so true

I burn for it more now every night
And every night I dream I see us
Tonight is especial because of you

Your beauty and smile is of light
For your mine in this premonition
A sign that I see lights fade anew

I want you, only you, your family
Your smile is like no other I seen
And if I had you through our years

I would've been that man smilingly
When I see those eyes burn so green
It erases all my childhood fears

I've come to tears reading stories
On how our love has forever changed
Lives in so many ways I am greatful

I want our love story be histories
Greatest love story of how winged
Angels can carry our fate faithful.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Trapped In Time

In Romantic Setting this tale will tell
All to which is a story of two souls
Tied together on an astralogical scale
To which I would give my life for this
In the distance I hear the wedding bell
For it's not my living but dreaming tale
From which to aim but never doth miss
The point of which was trying to console
Is to be this poet, author of stories
Yet untold are the beginnings of this
And all it's former so-called glories
For which I have come to find that in
The sea of visions and dreams which led
Me to believe in make-belief and signs
Of which I would always and must give in
To which has made it this far in reign
The fires of fated winter sorrow' kiss
For it is my heart on the line has bled
The waters of our riverstreams a creek
To which the water flows into serene
And all I've had to had have a look
Took me back to a place when then been
In a dream, A place to which I build
A future upon sands of time and glass
Fore what is now shall come to pass
And all that might be, might not be
And I might never leave and be free.

To One Becomes From Two

I recall stories of two souls trapped,
In time. as an eternity has past them,
In which tales written there afterever,
The things which has come to slipped,
Everyones eyes was the surprise totem,
The spirits of angels that watch over.

We are these souls with crossed-stars,
But once in eternity we'll be together,
For once a life-time in all of times,
For these that fall for us are scars,
And all lives entwine for us forever,
You to I as you my reason these times.

Forever marks the day I finally saw,
What a beauty lies behind your eyes,
Your mind unto enfold me with wings,
Angel can't you see what I had saw,
Such fires in my eyes did surprise,
Unto visions of chapel altar rings.

All things seen in my eyes was true,
Was it really you angel my destiny,
Your love has move mountains, skies,
And the quake of my heart a virtue?,
Are you the key of my soul mystery,
And it all says it's true your eyes,

I can never come to love any other,
Not like this and never will I ever,
Want to give up on this dream of us,
For I heard you say I Love You, thus,
I will leave my trouble woes behind,
Cause it's a new firey dawn I find,
For you, for us life will be ours,
And this I know that in the hours.

We are meant to watch these dreams,
Just wonder if we are if what seems,
That a premonition saw us together,
With everything to live for forever,
Be in wedded-bliss these dreams are,
What I wanted all my life was there,
With you all along in your eyes lies,
The window to your soul for i arise.

I'll have prayed to angels for you,
Like I've always prayed, wish true,
I wish for you in the nights awake,
I give my soul for you in my wake,
The time is nighing where we meet,
For you're unto her who'll complete,
Me. My life, My Soul, My destiny,
For My Love For You'll Be Eterniy.

All my life I've dreamt you here,
Now you're gone I miss you dear,
And I pray it's not too late now,
I will make things work somehow,
I will find the courageousness,
To make my dreams come happiness,
A marriage of two souls coalesce,
Would you, could you take chance?

To My Dream-Muse Lovely

To thou seer-seeing woman there reading
The book you read is not of this world
But the soul, a person's inner-working
My soul surrounded as darkness unfurled
But I know that you'll see a good person
But you'll see something else entirely
My feelings towards you are to blossom
Something I must do, I do it very rarely
Write a book, play, song or composition
In your honour for you are beautiful
I want reasons for lack of comprehension
As to how life could be so wonderful
If you and I were ever meant to be
I know together we can burn a flame
Like the poets would've say to thee
Only if you feel emotions the same
Would I ask you to have had married
You are eternity who'll be carried.

To My Darken Muse

To thy dark haired beauty
My muse of dark'st desires
The siren of dreams un-seen
I would burn in bell to meet
I know dark visions, entity
For thou art burning fires
For my only dark siren queen
To Which I'll burn to meet

I pray that time will play
This tragic love story out
My hopes of a future to burn
For I'll burn in hell to meet
For My Dark Angel Siren Queen
I will write these words out
I know'th of fires that burn
In your dark eyes when we meet.

To Love A Woman

To love is to be unselfish, loyalty reigns
To burn is to cast oneself into the flames
All in the name of the love for a woman

To pine for the woman where there's a sign
To yearn for all those feelings to be same
All my life I've been searching as a man

Who loves a woman this much and much more
For it is all my dreams that will tell me
If it will play out like dreams had before

Which time will tell if we will ever see
As the woman of all my desires in my soul
Comes blazing back into my life like fate

This will be in life is my only true goal
Become the man she deserves in life await
To see me evolve to the man of substance

And become the man of all her wild dreams
To be that man who will carry her home
And never let the fires in her eyes die.

To Have And To Hold

To have is to hold and cherish
Fore someday we will all perish
And the times that we are alive
Must be all we have in life to give.

To A Painter, Poet And Muse

To my dark muse, There you are in the candlelight
I write this to you as if you weren't reachable
So I will try to state what I feel in my writing
I find you're a beauty of dreams highly kissable
For me to dream of us kissing under a dark altar
Speak aloud the words you'll say to me desirable
And all this I can see from now visions of a far
You're like a rainbow's end a beautiful mystery
To know where you go when you rest to go sleep
For our names as lovers will go down in history
And my heartstrings play emotions running deep
So take a chance on the one thing I see for us
And dine with me through the dark of the night
I find this dream is not at all inconceivable
And my time writing this while you lie dreaming
I know what we can have is that made by stellar
As long as we meet someday we will be serenity.

This Story Upon A Screen

To all those who know what it means to Love
And for those who've lost in life out of it
These few brief lines of the arrows that hit
The heart in harsh times cause pain above
All things I cannot go on with knowing this
That someone else is sleeping next to her
For the fires she burned, I seen it in her
In her eyes makes the promise of just a kiss
For now my time on this earth is half over
And nothing in life I've done to be married
If I had her as bride, know she'd be carried
I would gave one hundred percent as her lover
I will change my lifestyle and whole mindset
To suit the needs of my dream-bride shining
In her eyes I seen those fires there burning
It was a sight that I could never ever forget
So I wait for a chance to come by where I do
Whatever I can to make this dream a reality
Then I must comfort her for all of eternity
And I know that the woman I write for is you.

The Years Ahead

Heighten at the thought of forever with her,
  And now that I feel that I might I am,
Happy is the days of yonder and yore is ever,
  Gone by in the streams of dreams I am,
Weight of the subject herein there upon now,
  Is when the seer-seeing sights that I am,
Visions of a future unseen, seen, dreamt up,
  To now which will be there-fore I am.

Destiny, Serendipity, Forever, Ever-Afters,
  Things I've longed, pined, yearned for,
It takes a Great Man to yearn for a Woman,
  Especially one who in turn maybe strangers,
Maybe in Passing, in Dreaming, in Reality,
  Could I be one with my Dream Lover Wife,
I will try to write this tale in which I have,
  In Mind, In Eyesight of which could be life,
    Or a vision of my own life in future fire.

I dreamt of a thousand suns with a star in her,
  Name, In her Honour, Her Liveliness set into,
Stone written walls of halls of church of lovers,
  Written unto their fates a tale hither-to,
The reality to which I stand, naked and alone,
  I am fore a man who believes his endings,
Be one life and one reality to which I doth lie,
  To watch, To Write, To Paint New Beginnings,
So I write to you that only I doth write and tell,
  What sights upon a southern bell do I spell,
A Tale, A Story and Written Lit, Stage Plays To,
  A Cause still un-foreseen future in this time,
  I burn it all away for you and for you I burn,
    I need never wish again for what I've seen.

The Storm Shall Pass

I've slept through out the storm
But if I awake will I see you again
For all these things cause alarm
In my psyche I'm living this again
For when I dream I don't just dream
I see into a myriad of times to see
What would be possible for us to seem
Something that could set us both free
From these days of words, events, life
To which I see too much loss and strife.

The Solitary Rose

A Rose knows
Beauty unto its flaw
The bareness of flesh
The eyes' fire burn
And I chose to grow
The affections cause
My soul to have yearn
For the nakedness lies
In her eyes fires arise
And know I accept you
For the beauty I view
Imperfect to me perfect
For us dreams I collect
Forever I'll be yours eternal
You're the epitome of my soul
The flower you are - the rose
And to you I will make promise
To be yours if you please
If you had chose me then
Would've left me at ease
And now I dine with fate
And I am on my knees
For you I await
Even if it take
A Life Time to
Finally come
Together in
Love just

The Seasons Died

  The trees are ever so cold
When the summer sun dies again
  And all that remains is ash
    Ashes of our dying love
      Remain so cold and pure
        As the sun is above
From what lies is such treasure
  And what could've been in
    A dream, alternate reality
      What was left from ash
        Turns a cold ember
In this reality means forever.

The Past And Future

I burn this torch for you to be mine
For you are the sight of my fond'st
Of memories of dreaming up a life
Onto which I saw you for the first
Time, I fell in Love at first sight
Which this pure esctasy which burns
A pyre of such passionate yearning
Sweet affectious amoreous caress
Leaving me to obsess
With everything to do for a future
My endless emotions of nature
feelings unto poets, what's to angels
A blessing for the words flow
Unlike anything but inspiration
Of all things we've come to know
About the past and future.

The Only Beauty Within

To touch, to hold your hands in mine is to have ones heart,
                the only thing that matters to me is you.
To love, to love is to share a feeling, an attraction is just,
                the beauty within is what I admire is true.

The November I Saw This

This line of verse, this poem of virtue,
These words of love, the sonnets I wrote,
The films I tranverse, the subject issue,
All of the above, I leave a single note,

It did read to all, I've lived and loved,
And I've come to lie, Let not unto woes,
I've heard the call, know she's beloved,
But when I come to die, I am who knows,

My spirit still burns, For all the dreams,
That which she knows, When Sadness comes
Then sadness goes, I had made promises,
I still yearn, For the girl of my dreams,

My dreams of her, So vivid and bright,
It's our future, I did pray to a star,
It's name for her, A shooting light,
Smile and a picture, Visions so stellar,

So I do now pray, That our love will save,
A world unto itself, her grace, her beauty
We'll meet someday, And I will be brave
To be my own self, her face, my serendipity.

The Light Of My World

In stillness of the morning light,
Burns the very sun which you are.
And all I can think is how wonderful,
“To Love You Everyday Like This,"
So whole, pure of depth of beauty,
            Of such emotions cause,
            The burning in your eyes,
Cause of the fires in mine to burn,
For life and love I have learnt,
That you cannot win them all,
And things come to pass,
But not this Love which,
Is to be forever.

In the beauteous light of evenings,
Is where I await for you in dreams,
And all I can think is how beautiful,
“To Love You Everynight Like This,”
I would’ve risk a single kiss,
If all that is be all this,
Yearning for you,
For you are like the sun in my world,
I pray for you among the stars,
Of which the sun shines upon,
      The light in your eyes,
          Be lit by the skies,
                    And fires.

In the daybreak of which I think of us,
And all I ask of you in life is your trust,
Your hand in holy matrimony and life,
I write that you’re my light of my time,
           And I have and do in my life,
             Be all of what I will give,
                   It’s not perfect but,
                           Neither am I,
We can only make of ourselves as are,
This time I will promise to not give up,
 I will not let of this promise,
I owe you my whole world,
“I Love You Forever” I say,
For you I will write us,
A tale of passion,
To say just this,
I Love You.

The Child's Dreams (Of Future Lovers)

Here lies the unknown child who lies at rest,
It's a decade two later and the child is now,
A man who believes his existence is flawed,
And that with Romantic Desires at fallenacrest,

With all of the known signs and sights I know,
I seen a vision of this very life then happy,
Now nothing is ever flawed and nothing can be,
In time's asounding fated dreams of destiny,

To which what I saw and seen then is not flawed,
And I can rest to sure that things were meant,
To be the way they always said it was dreamt,
Two souls entwined and conjoined and free,

I seen this like this dream of visions of seas,
A Vision of things unseen and a myriad of ages,
For what could be is a future of our harmony,
And it may be written in our lives pages.

To which I will be one with another human being,
Unified and bound in a loving embrace forever,
Together is the word that means throughout,
Thick, Thin and All In-between the cracks sever,
The ties to all the past glories and awards,
I live for this in believing in what I'm seeing,
To be a Man who can be a Prince Charming out,
Of Time in the right Place to win over A Woman.

I went years searching for answers as early,
As a baby's age to which I was seaching for,
A cure to all my ailments and the counterpart,
To which I will be carrying the torch before,
All this will go up in flames and up in smoke,
Now the line between me and the world broke,
And all the words will flow from the heart,
Now is to the only word serendipity, destiny.

Tears Of The Poet's Lit.

I'm drowning in a trail of tears
To which I wonder where are you
To which my life's dream's fears
Of losing hope is what we've view
To which you and I were at one
And all the things were once right
And now I burn this heart undone
For which a flame will bring light.

Stanza Unknown

These simple verses and stanza marks
The anniversary of what has then past
I know things could've been better
But I'll make moments now forever last.


I live a life unto itself a stage
And all the days written in a page
To feel the burning of staring eyes
In an empty room I sit despondant
To the world outside looking within
The eyes of a man whose view thin
For a question causes those lies
Still I have become irreverant
To this life in a city of glass
Lights that seeps through
The windows to the street
Where strangers meet
Is the promise of a tale
Written unto them all
As they watch me fall
Over the life parable
Don't play with fire
I have seen all this
I have been this
And I will bleed

Shine Unto Me

To your ever lasting beauty shines unto me,
I feel the warm glow of a thousand suns.
The lights that you shown forth mean to me,
The future has not been yet or had begun.

Rose Queen

I try to convince myself I'm dreaming
For I've seen the girl in my movies
Two things come to my mind seeing
One she loves me and two she want me
I can see fire when I fall behind
For she was red like the burning sun
I want to know what's inside her mind
For she could've been the loving one
Who will return the love tenthfold
For that dream lasts until eternity
And when I pray for her heart of gold
I pray she is my true serendipity
To the queen of roses and of winter
Embrace those fires, desires forever.

One Woman For A Poet

If you can only have, One Friend,
One Woman, One live our lives out
I choose you, To have A Best Friend
A Partner, A Wife to rid the doubt

I would want to be with only you
There in the twilight stillness
Of the night I met you I then knew
All my dreams came true in loviness

And if only I can, Be Us Together
I want to live the rest of my days
As I am a man, Who Loves A Lover
A Woman of all dreams past strays

From the limelight stages I am on
And for those years spent searching
I knew I found her so I'll be strong
the life with her is worth having

I burn strong, forever burn fires
I will never abandon you like before
This song, written with such desires
what fate has for me behind the door

Are you her, The one from my visions
I know your her whose love is divine
You there, In my whole admirations
I found that you were my dream mine

I want to burn for all your desires
See the beauty inside that you hide
And this comes from your eyes fires
For I'll ask if you'll be my bride

And I will be yours til forevermore
Until the day I die I will had lived
My last breath of words be your name
This is all for you my dear beloved.

On The Days I Dream

What are these dreams leading to,
      What course of path to take,
            I would what is true,
                  I must forsake.
All things have led me to there,
    In my dreams we are together,
          I saw wedding churches,
                 Bells and rings,
                       And Love.

November 2000

On this night 15 years ago
I was In love, with your smile
With your voice, beauty shown
But also all your, Inner-beauty
The things hidden from eyes
I pray above, this isn't a fable
I made a choice, When I've grown
Then yester-yore, Be a serendipity
For this night all those years ago
'TWas like heaven, To dream romance
That romantic tale, Be our true love
In honesty and grace, She said I Do
Then many times in dreams to realize
Our love has given, Hopes to chance
That a fairy-tale, Be real, rise above
That smile, your face, As I say I Do.

Nicole R.

Your like a ray of hope
Like the sun unto stars
I wish for you to be safe
For the beauty you are
Is to be kept from harm
Like my writing novels
I penned a tale of charm
A story of two young souls
Making it in this world
Would be an accomplishment
For me to be where I heard
The words of merriment
The words "I do" or "Love"
For all things will be
And all things were above
Meant for us to be free
Of what I see ahead
The voice of an angel
The words now read
And things can revel
In the fact that I Love you
I burn for that sensation
Of your kiss, Nicole!
You are my great passion
I want to show you a life
Which I can be with you
There making our days work
And all the times we view
What is this story's work
A tale unto the ages is to pass
And time is as the die is cast
All things shall come to pass
In this wonderful life
But without you is cold
Dark, gray and alone
But my heart is gold
I Love Your Family, You
And forever I will prove
What it meant for me to love
You - Forever.

My Love Lasts Forever

To thou Love Be Like:
Beauty is like the rain
it can be amazing
But can be an experience,
scary and dangerous
It can bring pain
Be Traumatizing
But the true romance
Is so wondrous
Unlike the stormy rain
It is so soothing
To hear I Love You
Something So wonderful
There will be no pain
For mine is loving
You there in all view
A wedding so greatful
I have become so high
On the thought of you
Being Married to me
There loving together
I know we'll get by
I know you are true
If every could see
My Love Last Forever.

In The Ghose of The Sun

I have seen the fire within
The ghost of the sun
Knew a battle I wouldn't win
Was fought so young
Now I burn inside for her
See the flames arise
Inside her eyes together
They shine a surpise
The beauty of her soul
The picture of her smile
I can lose control
As emotions run the mile
When I look in her eyes
As she says the word
"I Do" I'll be paralyze
In joy for all I heard
I Love her forever we'll be
Together we'll soar free.


The years shall flow like the water in a watermill
The things have been on a fast track to recovery
For these things take time and I can’t stand a pill
I want my sanity as is not jaded by trickery.

If You Must Forget

If I can tell you anything now
I will tell you this exactly
This is what I want to know:

When I gaze upon the moon
How doth shines the sun
To light up such wonders
Like the look you give

The look
That burning heart
Those eyes cast flames
That smile so surprising
Piece my soul
The aim to which you seek
Be that of your intent
To have to strike
A Heart unto fires
That lies in your eyes

A tale of our time
That if you were here
You'd say the same
We are crossed
A star marked by another
That falls into yours
Worlds collide
The word unites
As the ring
I would give
If true
You are

Is this what you want?
The desires of eyes
Flames will arise
For all that you are

You could be what I seek
The heat is scorching
Match made of stars
In you such a star
You simply

But if you must forget
What could have been
To us a glorious end
To all lies
In your choice

I Want To Marry Her

To pine for her dreams to take flight
To yearn for her hand in yours forever
To bleed your hearts content for her
Is to love her more even in death
To burn for her love is to burn right
To marry is like to be always together
To write this now is to caress her
All I want is for her to me happy
So to all those who've doubted me
So to all those we've come to know
So to all the romance in life I see
Is to have mine burn for her now
And the time is right to change life
And the vision I saw of her one day
And the marriage I'll have with a wife
All my love for her is forever to stay.

I Love You Forever

I write this to you now as to say “I Love You,
I wanted you since the moment I first seen
The fire in your eyes burning those flames
But what people call Love today is obscene.”
I need you like the sun needs to shine upon
Which these writings will be something old
And all that I am that I’ve based my life on
Your smile, your words for me of pure gold
I want you as to want to breathe the air here
And now is to your decision upon what will
Be this story’s end to which I have been there
I’ve found that in life, love and grace still
I burn for you and you are my shining light
For dreams come to me of you in all night.

I Do It For You

Burning for you and everything I do
I do it for you
When I dreamt, I've seen us as two
I do it all for you
Writing for you for all you are
I do it for you
Simply beautiful, to marry you here
I'll do it all for you
Carry you then die for you I must
I do it for you
To win you over and gain your trust
I do it all for you
My writings of an American dream
I do it for you
All the things I do in my life
I'll do it all for you.

How I Long

Oh how I long to caress you
You are the queen of hearts
Angel of all those dreams
My heart breeds for you
This time I won't give up

Oh how I burn to marry you
Oh Liza
You're my winter rose queen
Angel of all my secret desires
My dreams, My fantasies of us
I want your Love and Trust

Kiss those lips
As I run my fingers
Through your hair
And dip you back gently
Caress your inner soul
I can do this forever
To see you there
As you say words kindly
"I DO"
I would say in wonders
I know when you do say
These words back to me
"I Love You"
Be my words in yonders
I'll love all the way
And I'll never flee

Oh how I long to have said to you
You are so beautiful, so gorgeous
I seen roaring fires in your eyes
Mine eyes were so lit by the fire
And this I have come to realize
I have to change before we can be

Oh how I long to say this to you
You'll always light up of my life
You truly are like the burning sun
So divine, so perfect I'll define
Everyone else I Love based on you
And how you changed my life for me.

Hearts Ablazed

For hearts ablaze in the sight of first sight
I've seen the fire which flames burn in your green eyes
Unto me a beauteous sight
To have those flames ignite cause emotion to rise
Such a sight divine
The times I saw you there in my dreams' visions
For it's chance I will dine
For such realization of such dream be like the vision
Pure, Right As The Words Of Those Who've Known Say.


Times of nearing Passages of Space, Align
  To which I wilt dedicate this Rhyme Line
The nearing Stars will Pass through the Sky
  To yet be seen with 'Thy Bare Naked Eyes.'

From This Life

I must write this letter to you
My dear sweet beloveth, My only Muse
I refuse to grow up in this world
Where it seems that all there
Is are a series of things heard
Said about it all and do you know
The thing I admire in you
Is your strength and your beauty
In such words you said for me
O' Angel come and save me
Set me to be free
From this life.


I burn for a cause unknown to me
I long for a clause in what I see
I wonder what it's like saving grace
In all this time I was here in space
Wondering what it's like for others
To see me see one of my own sisters
And brother whose lie is that he is
In conspiracy with other which this
Is a show, a play to be seen by all
And bare-witness the fall of my soul
From which I called upon forces call
To which my words would become gold
And all gold is all words that sold
All things precious must go and burn
I must learn what it means to be human
And not be unto them as they are to me
For only than can I truly be ever free.

For My True Destined Lover Of Fate's Dreams

Time has a way of melting my heart with visions
Things I've come to believe are meant for me
And that Woman of dreams long past of my emotions
Is there on the sidelines, waiting, there for me

To get my writings together, my life, my ambitions
The things that burn in my soul for I'd realized
That there was beauty in my morbid infatuations
She was there watching the whole time I had lied

In bed, heartsick for the past, dying for her love
I needed to get my life together before we would be
Together, Sharing, Caring, Loving With My White Dove
She is to me the simplest pleasures in life, her smile

I wanted her to be my wife the moment I laid eyes on her
She was so beautiful that it was as if an angel she was
I know in my entire life a love like hers can't be another
Who'll go to such great lengths to show love was her cause

I need to win her over with words, actions, thoughts of us
The kindness she once showed unlike any other in passing
I truly want to win back all her love, admiration and trust
For she was and is my shinning star forever burning

I want this more than I want to do anything in life than
Now I know I have to and want to make something of myself
I wish I could go back to the moment it all had began
Make her mine, tell her sweeting nothing, to be herself

I would then make my future bright by excelling at work
Then I'd make my works known to all that her name live on
So I'll write my entire future up for everything rework
And she'll have movies, novels, poems, prose, her song

I could bring this to light that I'm in love with a woman
Whose heart is enflammed with such desires of the flesh
For in life she'll need a stronger and more wealthy man
Therefore I will return to classes and also I'll finish

These are the things we do in love for those we hold dear
And to be so close yet still so far away from base goal
I know of the time I met her parents that night new years
It was a moment in memory that forever changed my soul

I want to show her the true love for which she deserves
To which I'll shower her with gifts, flowers and kisses
And it is to her memory and the dream my writing serves
What could go wrong if the arrows of cupid had misses

I think the time for me to release my first book is nigh
For the things I fear is that the world will look derisive
But they're words matter not but yours will always be high
I do this to show that my time on earth was but conclusive

So if these be my last words to her will be the following
"I've always loved you, from the moment we met I knew then
I knew you were the one worth waiting for and I'm living
For the day when we can marry each other everyday again."

For My Beautiful Dove

For you I want to make this the best
It's hard for me to pass the test
Love, The score for me to have pass
You made it, I feel like stained glass
You cannot live life without knowing
So here's to me wanting you wishing
Soul, You I would give you the love
Heart, My heart beats for you my dove
Now I will do what needs to be done
Now all these things are here for you
I want you to be happier with me now
All this time I knew you were the one
And all my dreams have come to view
We are destined will everybody know
So I will write you a grand story
Compose for you my ninth symphony.

City Lights

All the colours and lights of the cityscape
Is this the right time to set you free?
And go away from here to have then escape?
I will never arrived to where you'll be
I want to believe it will all go so well
I can't know as I'm living inside a hell
For when you said "I Do" to another man
I kept thinking "I'll marry you" if I can
In the scenes of coming tides of storms
Will be the obsticles for living dreams
Now is the time for me to act upon this
For every moment without A time I'll miss
Now I see the city lights are fading out
All I can think how soon they have come
For when I think where you are in doubt
I know that you'll find a way back home
To me where we'll walk the heavens as one
And in this for all the things I've done.


Brandy, You are to me
like the setting sun
that never fades
Never darkens our skies
you are so wonderful
I want to be near
Hold you so dear
For you're a free
Spirit still so young
Your beauty never fades
I want to look in eyes
Stare right into mine
The look of love
For this I will pine
Until the end of time
Written in rhyme
This line simply a kiss
In the litrary sense
Something I might miss
And I wish you here
I'll always surrender
To the beauty of voice
The voice is your own
I pray days of yonder
Will bring us romance
Or I might die alone
For there is no other
Like you and your love
I've search for another
Prayed to God above
But now I pray for you
And everything you do
Has come in my view
The magic of emotions
And if I don't get this
I would have had miss
The great first kiss
Of such revelations.

Being Born Unto Life

I knoweth of the joys of birth
Being born in this world of uncertain
Fate, Destiny to mine on earth
Is to loveth the Woman of dreams remain
So I will abstain and then refrain
From use of words as to be to herds
The great silent tears of my pain
And all that I have left are words
So for me to giveth to this a shot
A hitherto and fro the dreams seen
And the things which were, are not
What I've seen in your eyes green
The picture speaks a thousand words
I knew this coming into the world's
View that I will forever hear, heard
The voice of an angel declaring Love.

All Signs Have Appeared

In all the years spent and turnt to ashen,
I traveled through the misty astralogical,
Visions plains to which led me mistaken,
To which I am now from which was magical,
A quest for serendipity and honesty in it,
The angels weep when we are together then,
So I write these letters to which a deficit,
Of my emotions will determine to what than,
Will be my future will through fate' hand,
I will become what people have pressured,
I'm to become a poet, writer with artistic,
Hands to build a future upon which measured,
The tides of waves in her sailing oceans,
To call me from land out to sea on board,
To which I explain this metaphor for logic,
A story or dream to which be known abroad,
All the feelings inside for each emotions
One felt then and now is when it must be,
The time for me to embrace my destiny,
As a writer of fiction/poetry/non-fiction,
A blessing for my songs of old reaction,
To her I plead my heart and soul to only,
Her name, her dignity, her self-worth,
I will die in her name in all my loyalty,
And in that time I will return to earth,
I will lie arest but not forgotten like,
These words which in time will strike,
Imaginations and minds-alike to here is,
A Poem to be remember in all minds this,
"There once was a story about a real life,
Anti-hero, Poet and True Genius in strife,
For time was not his tru'st of friends."
A Time for this writing to come to it ends.


O' fair'st of them all beaut'ous
  To thou tattoo'd aengel here
From which I pine in some tymes
  Some nights by a window here
O' fair'st beauty queen of mine
  For which I wilt burn forever
To thy muse of all th' tymes of
  Fate in destiny' dealt hands
I turn back time and make thou
  Mine for the taking with you
Methinks thou art th' destined
  Not thou denied thou love for
Mine ist pure as the nightshine
  It is to which I kept before
The time which I was christen'd
  And the time I saw you here
  For it is you that will shine
  Upon the window in my eyes
  You can't disguise to mine
  That you are truly an aengel.

A Verse For Miss Noir

To Miss Noir
I love the way you seem to paint the world
For you see and feel everything around you
I see a bright future for you and me there
Something I saw in my astral state of view
Is that all this love for you' cause I care
And to me writing about you as my muse new
Is to say that maybe things need a chance
Is to say maybe I just in life need you
And we can be happy together in romance
From which we'll be beloved by the world
And this I saw on the night I saw your eyes
Stare into mine such dark wondrous sights
For when you will come to have realize
That all the things I write for honesty
Is the shining in your eyes from lights
Such a wonder to see it all in divinty
And to have this in my life a surprise
For these things can be but not without
The hard work and dedication which I am
Committed to live this out without doubt
That in these desperate times of our lives
That you thought about this and it gives
Me meaning for all the man that I am
Will be unto you forever in love
Miss Noir
Marry me.

A Sonnet For A Rose Queen

You are my desire to which I burn
A forge of values to which I ablaze
The words of cherish things I yearn
And to all these tales will amaze
The story is new as in never before
Had another seen this moment in eyes
That the light before the open door
Was that of you and now I realize
That All I Want In Life Was You
To be my one and only as the view
Upon which I enscribe every poem
With a feeling unto itself for them
A Literature onto which I write prose
For all those of old who knows
What I dreamt at night when I saw you
And my heart was singing you are true.

A Paper And Pen

To which I pen upon the paper I write
For what I wish upon the stars tonight
For deliverance from a certain way of
Thought that becomes who I am there

I will ask that you’re listening to me now
And that all things happen for reasons
For it’s in the knowing  of what I know
That I have a way to go through seasons

To which is this that I scribe upon paper
Fore it’s a steady-fast destination to other
Places from which I was about to travel
For it’s a world I’ve seen that unravels

A world without me or you would be
A world to never be thinking about
What chaos might ensue if both we
Where never made into existence

I will do this screenplay, novel right
For it’s a tale of which is so dear to me
And I find that without shining lights
I would find myself in another place.

A New Destined Path Towards Enlightenment

Wandering through the meadows of forest green
And all the flowers and sights yet unseen
Are treasures to eyes on all passers-by here
For it is a gift from the heavens from there
Which the values of which my intensions lie
For it is a star in flight which I have spy
And in that moment I was awaken to which is
What this can be the cause of which all this
Can be only what would be if we were to be
Only if you choose to be forever with me
I could've seen these things long before
And of my life turns to which it is stone
Written in words on the scrolls of beings
To which I write about my own beginnings
And to this I do write to you a tale of fate
Which I will have elucidate and re-evaluate
This situation in which my values are burnt
And this time in Life, Love, I have learnt
That everything have had happens for it's own
Reasonings in this cosmic question I ask alone
Will I find happiness in the girl who watches
Me upon the mirror of truth to which I've caught
My own mortal image staring back at my fates
Each one to itself, New Beginnings and Ends
For which one will it be to seem to be sought
When time becomes what essences that awaits
For me in new partners, lovers and friends
It is this question that still lies dorment
Will I ever Love after Life itself have ceased
All that'll remain be a fuse from earlier fires
To me, my life's like a vision of which torment
Is seems to be what is an affliction erased
For which I see is a new reality unto itself
For years I spent living inside my own hell
And now it's time to write of possibilities
For all possible things to be spelled out
I feel a new sense of emotion and desires
From which things could be amazing in time
And all the things that were worth waiting
Is to me all the things in sensibilities
And Sense arise on which my values burn
A pilot light of a flame burns eternal
Fore the yore of yester-years are now gone
And the girl seems to seem to be the one
Now is which I must do, now is somehow to write
What wrong is to which to make it right
Do these tales tell the signs of which we
See in all the dreams of the so-called prophet
And he sees his life, my life, in a dream
Of which we forget we all of yet to see
That the problems of today least we forget
That what it was is to be inside a dream
Of which it can be seen but in those visions
Can I see what would be a quest worth taking
The Cosmic, Astralogic and Kismetic decisions
To which a mission is to be Loved and to Love
And what is bothering my dreams in that view
That nothing turns out as it was meant too
And if there be a spirit in heaven up above
To where my soul lies in question forsaking
A task was given at hand by the Lord itself
To be the godchild-devilschild both in one
Foolish attempt of the grand world at large
To build oneself up to watch him take a fall
And all that I hear all the serpents call
Trickery, Blasphemeous rumours to which I hear
And demons of personal nature I battle near
My mind and soul and heart and body cursed
But it can be saved if I find her loving
As much as I doth Love her and pray for her
Together which is the main objective forever
To which is what is to be within immersed
Waters of oceans of her raging seas thrashing
I wander, lost in haziness of storming skies
I dine with chance at the possibilities of it
When our time together can be realized again
This I burn, pine and I embrace in what lies
On what I must never be in all of such refrain
For I could never be again whole without lit
Waters of houses of flames to which light up
A path to flow into what fates has instore
For our new painting of colors, shapes, words
And an archway of dreams to yet come to life
Time is hard is things that I've heard
And my time on this earth is not that of this
So far by-gone story of imagery and pictures
painted by others and others who painted was
What is seen as what could be, a timing to here
Where do we go from here and what to be done
I would die a thousand deaths to get this right
And I feel that time has changed in some light
That things can go wrong and things won't be
If only I was only so close and so near
"I would, could, Want To Be The Right One
To Pass By Her Way In Time Wilt Thy Heart Bleed
Wilt Thy Message Take To Stars And Take Heed
Of Words Here And Then After To Which Written
Be The Ways Of True Lovers Of Words And Minds
For What It Means To Have Been There Smitten
At What Possilities May Arise At Such Occasion
It Is To This Which I Search To Have Finds
What Could Be With Her Or Any One Emotion
Caused By A Force Of Attractions To Eyes"
And minds and souls entwined through fates
Ways to bring two together in such awaits
Us to be what be just a dream or much more
For I have seen what could be in at times
I found a flame ignite and enflame hearts
And around the place like arrows and darts
Which cause one to see others in such grace
The time and place to live, meet such face
Of which your destiny lies upon what path
I know when I do this, the mental math
That maybe we do or don't but you know
What could have been if ones vision is yet
Un-complete and imcomplete words to forget
To which my time and trials remain that of
Which I am judged based on bias and of love
Which I have yet to find in another as do I
Maybe things won't turn around and I do think
That all the blood signed parchement in ink
How I can fail at everything I can or will do
For which I can see we be divided as of two
But for once I could see an altar and eyes
Of My Muse to which I pray for her happiness
Even though we will never be in any reality
And Ebbs of Waves will Crash and tides change
For maybe what I've seen could just be lies
But I believe in them and I wanted them true
If I do get that cosmic chance at forever
With this Woman who is of the universe and
I feel that if we did get it right like seen
And this time and onward will be toward ever
Lasting things in and upon a different land
To which grass is always greener on the other
Side of the this rock, this place called life
I know time is needed to get this life in sorts
I know that praying for salvation is a resort
To which praying for her and her future partner
Future life and life in happiness and joyous
Events and Memories of which I can only dream
Of for her to be happy forever and to be here
In wait of anything else to happen now a dream
Of which I burn for this Woman whose life is
Forever connected to mine in some cosmic way
And all that I must do from now on from forever
Be an act of courageous, bravery, whole-hearted
Acts to which every good deed is rewarded to all
So I will do my best to be the best me I can be
After all in time I will be a better person
I will live life to the fullest of itself in mine
I will be the writer that I said I was going to
Be the Poet and Screenplaywright whose life's fine
Writing about many of events in his own lifetime
For I believe My Drug Is All My True Devotion
I said I will try to get my career back in order
But it's to which writing career to which I write
Things could never be more hard or simpler
As A Simple Mistake As This Mind Of Woe And
All It's Universal Disruption To Which It Bleeds
When My Mind Is Affected By Time and Age And
The People Who Made Me This Way In The Past Of
Many Of Futures Not Lived, Not Re-Aquainted
Everything Be Gone Unless I See The Dangers
Ahead to which the flames of fate will decide
What will be in mine future of either decision
Which the fires and perils of what is seen
What light of a future that sparks such embers
And all of what would become could be all of
The things which things would then become
A Life With Love and Happiness and Ever-Afters.

A Marriage

Romance, The act of marriage for you  and I
The embrace to which has been foreseen above
Enfold me, Your wings behind your back I spy
With the sunny forecast of our undying love
Marry me, If you feel you can't live without
I want to be your knight in shinning armour
Evidence, I've seen signs we belong together
I dreamt of us in the visions of a forever
Serendipity, A tell-tale sign of our unity
A time when things are like french deja-vu
Eternity, I shall burn for you in serenity
Like the perfect ending I now see in view
Love me, I want all of your heart for me
You once said 'I Love You, Joel' I heard
Stay with me, We are souls crossed-stars
If you die I will die too will be the word
So for me to have been here to set free
The words that linger deep inside my heart
Is to hope against hopes you'll come to me
And everything will be a picture of art
You and me together at last you can say
I Love You and hear those words said back
I Love you and I will burn in every way
For the seasons when you left turned black
Alack, I have not the wit to carry on
This story of two souls trapped in times
Taken Aback, By your beauty so I pen a song
And this be the reason for all my rhymes
Complicity, my writing of us will last
Forever people watch all my screenplays
Honesty, I want the truth of your past
I want to know if the real you stays
I've seen the dreams of desires somehow
Now they're just visions of what was
If I could have just one thing in life
It would be you as you are mine because
Our souls belong together no matter what
The cost of this future is that high
For what I saw was something good at
The golden edge of all destiny's sky.

A Letter (To A Woman Of Dreams)

To all which this may concern
  I have not been in spirit
    A great man as I should
I am but a man whose intentions
  Be that I may I find inside
    Your beautiful brown eyes
To which this is written to you
  Now that for which I doth
    Pine for love, trust both
      Equal things I long for
Before the time is where is it
  A Time to turn away and say
    I will change but now lit
      The pyres of my heart
Now I will do what it is I do
  I write a tale or tragic play
    Telling of Lovers, Rings
      And ever after brings
        A light to burn upon
The story which writes itself
  Will be one to never forget
    I leave the earth in song
    And dine with fate tonight
      Only one night to get it
Which write and lit and poems
  May you read the words writ
    I enscribe the words Love
    Written with blessing of
      All Angels of above
I will be the destined writer
  Poet, Playwright, Screenplay
    and Lyric Writer that I
    Seen myself in that scene
A time of lifespan that says
  I know enough about things
    To write is to know about
    Things which make up all
      Things and Everything.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Will You Come Home?

Since the day I met you girl You said we'd be friends
I know that time played tricks on me in my dreams
It seems we knew one another in this dream trends
Of which I see my life before it happens based on
What I see is how I react to what situation occurs
When the beauty of it all is the woman that seems
To be in love with me in real life that I'm assured
And is what I have based my entire life now upon
The things in life that mattered most to me was you
And your happiness, the way you smiled at me
That was the greatest part of all my days was two
Souls meeting for the first time as friends free
From all the distractions of the tiresome world
Around us are liars, fakes, sad people that try
To break us with tons of words that I;ve heard
If I ever listen to them ever again I will die
For mistakes were made on all parts but mine
Especially mine, I messed up and done it again
For I hope you read this letter of which I pine
For you arms around me once more until a end
Or the end of all times we'll be forever more
Free from heard words, hurt, life lies and pain
Together we can stand together in a world
Against us we will build a world and future
Just say the words and I'll come and find you
I'll come to the ends of the earth searching
I've saved myself for you because you are
Simply the most precious woman I've met
I know that in life my own future's not set
I will only be the man you want me to be
And I'll never blame you for any of our past
If only you;d say you;d be with only me
Now, Our love will last until our heartbeat last
I want you - I want you whole, I want all of you
I can't go on living knowing you're with another
If you're happy or not, I wanted you to be happy
And now all I want to know is if you love me
Can you look at your life now and picture it
30 years down the road and tell me do you see
A picture of us, can there be an us in the future
And I want is for you to tell me now why him
If I asked you then would you've said yes?
If I can't be with you I don't think I can go on,
I knew you were the one with all my heart
And the things in life leading up to right now
That makes it easy for me to tell you how
I've known you from somewhere in my dreams
All my life I've been dreaming of us and our lives
Together we can bring peace, joy, true happiness
To the world around us and watching our lives
The people who want this story to end...begin.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


I burn for a cause unknown to me
I long for a clause in what I see
I wonder what it's like saving grace
In all this time I was here in space
Wondering what it's like for others
To see me see one of my own sisters
And brother whose lie is that he is
In conspiracy with other which this
Is a show, a play to be seen by all
And bare-witness the fall of my soul
From which I called upon forces call
To which my words would become gold
And all gold is all words that sold
All things precious must go and burn
I must learn what it means to be human
And not be unto them as they are to me
For only than can I truly be ever free.

A Letter (To A Woman Of Dreams)

To all which this may concern
  I have not been in spirit
    A great man as I should
I am but a man whose intentions
  Be that I may I find inside
    Your beautiful brown eyes
To which this is written to you
  Now that for which I doth
    Pine for love, trust both
      Equal things I long for
Before the time is where is it
  A Time to turn away and say
    I will change but now lit
      The pyres of my heart
Now I will do what it is I do
  I write a tale or tragic play
    Telling of Lovers, Rings
      And ever after brings
        A light to burn upon
The story which writes itself
  Will be one to never forget
    I leave the earth in song
    And dine with fate tonight
      Only one night to get it
Which write and lit and poems
  May you read the words writ
    I enscribe the words Love
    Written with blessing of
      All Angels of above
I will be the destined writer
  Poet, Playwright, Screenplay
    and Lyric Writer that I
    Seen myself in that scene
A time of lifespan that says
  I know enough about things
    To write is to know about
    Things which make up all
      Things and Everything.

Book of Destiny

The signs are all there in the clear, 
So are the words that are so dear, 
Now is time for changing my star, 
I hope you'll know where to look.

The signs are shown in clear vision, 
That the Woman whose heartstrings, 
Ring clear a bell-like resonance, 
Two Rings which with A Romance.

Now is the shining of stars and moon, 
I hope for wishes of this life soon, 
And all things that beautiful are, 
Written inside a destined book. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rhetorical Futures

Seer the possibilities ahead of your own
Feet walking towards your own destination
For what you see is what will be given
To which you're own fate will decide
What will be your own destined relation
And everything will then be coincide
If only your true to the image seen
You may possibly see the end of the very
beginning and to there from here and
in somewhere between.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


With things left unfinished we die a bit inside
With aspirations and goals that we hide
And now the time is here to show yourself
What dreams are made of and innerself
For times when your alone and think back
On what things you have achieved here
You'll find yourself looking back
And what you do now and here.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


To my lovely dearest Stephanie
Whom I dearly admire and desire
For the touch of your sweet lips
Upon my mouth thirsting for you
Your eyes like Summer's rain
...Fall upon me with tears
For you'll be my every dream
And everything come true to fears
From within the childhood years
And all that lives through pain
Are the memories of yearning
Burning, Charmed into your sea
My sails blown through the air
Misty night of fuller moon
And midnight thryst to be
Everlasting glow of stars
Through the trees and meadows
All the treasures of your kiss
With the secret of your Love
To me, unto me the joys of you
Are the smile of your lips
The eyes that stare unto me
With sweet sounds of your voice
For you could be my savior
My opium, sweet caress all mine
Yours is to another and I here
For you, only for you I'll try
To write the story of all ages
Mine is to learn, see sights
Sounds to be heard but not like
Your voice to which you speak
I want you, all of you and now
For the times are passing by
As I gaze unto these dreams of Us
For you could be my dream girl
My one true lover whose M.F.E.
And maybe you'll see someday
That I do Love, I Love You.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dreams To Live

I want to say the things never spoken
Like the stars that fled the skies
I want you like the birds fell in Love
Free be our spirits that flies
In the night sky is a star there
With your name marked upon it
Forever you will live on here
For the words once spoken true
The things were never set stone
And we could end up being two
When I am completely alone
Here waiting for a moment
A moment for a calling then
When it called angels choirs
Ringing in my head for you
When you said I Love You
I took that to heart and will
Keep you in my heart until then
I will dream like no other
Dream that has been lived on
Which I will prove my Love
To you, To all, To Myself
That I can make it in this world
That keeps telling me to write
Write this and stories of this
Story, This Life and Dreams.

Friday, April 11, 2014


That night on that one day
When I met you Cassandra
I was self assured you were
The girl of all my dreams there
I thank the stars in some way
I treasure that kiss Cassandra
How we slept together that time
And waking with you beside me
If only time stood still awhile
And I'd get to know you Love
The way you smiled when you knew
You knew I was falling for You
I know now we can't go back
But if we did would you then
Be the one I've always waited
For you whom I'll write by pen
A tale of what could've been
If only I had made you mine
To ignore A Love would be sin
So this is written over A time.

Amongst The Sky

There are stars out there
Amongst the midnight sky
They were named after you
And it's for you I will die
You and I were
Destined to have met
At A time I knew
It's for You I'll die.

In Gardens Green

It is to You I gave
The Red Rose I've plucked
The Gardens of green
A Rose to You I gave
And A Note to be seen
A kind of gift attached
And it's for you I'll give
My Heart with Words
My Love for You knows
Your Words
'I Love You' A call to me
Which Words take heed
Someday You'll be
Happy when I'm freed
From chains of thought
I tragically had fought
Against the sands of time
To finally make of mine
The Love worth waiting for
When your at my door
In hand are my books
With A smile for them
And I'll burn for this book
You may say Your Heart's
Content to me when You
Do come to have realized
I have Always Loved You.

The Sun

With blue skies and sun
Since my life has begun
I've dream of A Woman
Who Loves me for me
With her smiles of Joy
Brightening up the days
For her I'll be A Man
Who'll set her heart free
Since I was A young Boy
In the sun where I lay
I'd look up to the clouds
And I'd see the sun
Like the Stars at night above
I dream of You my Love
I hear you say to me aloud
'I Love You' you say to me.

If Only A Sign

So is the day when you came
Into my life there like an Angel
It was an Emotion once I felt
With a craft I've honed, tamed
With words I will pen tale
Of such things as the trials
Tribulations and Testiment of Love
The nights spent in this trance
A vision I've kept cause of one
Woman I've dreamt at this time
This time I'll play cards dealt
I'll prove myself worthy of You
I want to Marry You if someday
If someday in someway had came
I promise everything, My World
If only these moments when two
Souls meet and are meant for one
Another in this time and this place
This is what I've been told
If only sign of A future with You.

How Do I Prove My Love

How Do I Prove My Love to You?
With Actions, Words then written
A Book of A Novelization of Romance
With tales of young Lovers in truth
The dreams of us from my Youth
A time for Gambling, Risk, Chance
With this moment for A Great Romance
I write, As I Write for only You
I pen this Story of Two People
A Consequence for the Tale I pen
Whose weight is baring all too often
This portrait of us I've come to view
With feelings which  do ring true
"I Love You" it's to You I write this
And it's a tale near, dear to My Heart
If I lived it, all moments I'd never miss
For the nights are sweet dreams of you.

The Dance

To the Woman in Red at the Dance
If we had A chance at A Romance
I'd be there to Carry You in times
When spirits are low, My Evidence
In time I'll Prove to You My Love
My written Words and witty Rhymes
Are A Test of My Strength for You
I Love You Forever and Always You.

To the Woman whom holds My Heart
With Colours, Shapes, Shades of Art
I Paint You A Portrait of Our Dream
To see things unseen which seem
A Tale of the fire I once saw in You
Desires set forth by turn of fate
The Call of Your Voice that Rang true
As My Dreams are Coming to View.