Monday, November 23, 2015

A Letter (To A Woman Of Dreams)

To all which this may concern
  I have not been in spirit
    A great man as I should
I am but a man whose intentions
  Be that I may I find inside
    Your beautiful brown eyes
To which this is written to you
  Now that for which I doth
    Pine for love, trust both
      Equal things I long for
Before the time is where is it
  A Time to turn away and say
    I will change but now lit
      The pyres of my heart
Now I will do what it is I do
  I write a tale or tragic play
    Telling of Lovers, Rings
      And ever after brings
        A light to burn upon
The story which writes itself
  Will be one to never forget
    I leave the earth in song
    And dine with fate tonight
      Only one night to get it
Which write and lit and poems
  May you read the words writ
    I enscribe the words Love
    Written with blessing of
      All Angels of above
I will be the destined writer
  Poet, Playwright, Screenplay
    and Lyric Writer that I
    Seen myself in that scene
A time of lifespan that says
  I know enough about things
    To write is to know about
    Things which make up all
      Things and Everything.