Monday, November 23, 2015

A Verse For Miss Noir

To Miss Noir
I love the way you seem to paint the world
For you see and feel everything around you
I see a bright future for you and me there
Something I saw in my astral state of view
Is that all this love for you' cause I care
And to me writing about you as my muse new
Is to say that maybe things need a chance
Is to say maybe I just in life need you
And we can be happy together in romance
From which we'll be beloved by the world
And this I saw on the night I saw your eyes
Stare into mine such dark wondrous sights
For when you will come to have realize
That all the things I write for honesty
Is the shining in your eyes from lights
Such a wonder to see it all in divinty
And to have this in my life a surprise
For these things can be but not without
The hard work and dedication which I am
Committed to live this out without doubt
That in these desperate times of our lives
That you thought about this and it gives
Me meaning for all the man that I am
Will be unto you forever in love
Miss Noir
Marry me.