Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Written Through The Age

I will leave my legacy of this life
Until the days yonder had their last
Love you even if you're not my wife
Burn such passions to write of past
Fires which arose when you had chose
To take my rose and sonnet and love
Love me unto eternity with a promise
For premonitions blessed by all above

keep me in your thoughts for always
I once knew of dreams do come true
But never expected that these days
Somedays would be to bring me to you
And it's always a maybe or what if
I know that I do desire to publish
Of all those words saved for you of
Dreams, Unseen things I'll cherish

Until the end of time remember this
One thing, My Love burns here devote
And here for you my love we'll miss
Our chances but read this love note
It will read of my hopes for a life
Which you are at the center stage
If you'd someday be my only wife
I know we'll last for our of age.