Monday, November 23, 2015


Brandy, You are to me
like the setting sun
that never fades
Never darkens our skies
you are so wonderful
I want to be near
Hold you so dear
For you're a free
Spirit still so young
Your beauty never fades
I want to look in eyes
Stare right into mine
The look of love
For this I will pine
Until the end of time
Written in rhyme
This line simply a kiss
In the litrary sense
Something I might miss
And I wish you here
I'll always surrender
To the beauty of voice
The voice is your own
I pray days of yonder
Will bring us romance
Or I might die alone
For there is no other
Like you and your love
I've search for another
Prayed to God above
But now I pray for you
And everything you do
Has come in my view
The magic of emotions
And if I don't get this
I would have had miss
The great first kiss
Of such revelations.