Monday, November 23, 2015

The November I Saw This

This line of verse, this poem of virtue,
These words of love, the sonnets I wrote,
The films I tranverse, the subject issue,
All of the above, I leave a single note,

It did read to all, I've lived and loved,
And I've come to lie, Let not unto woes,
I've heard the call, know she's beloved,
But when I come to die, I am who knows,

My spirit still burns, For all the dreams,
That which she knows, When Sadness comes
Then sadness goes, I had made promises,
I still yearn, For the girl of my dreams,

My dreams of her, So vivid and bright,
It's our future, I did pray to a star,
It's name for her, A shooting light,
Smile and a picture, Visions so stellar,

So I do now pray, That our love will save,
A world unto itself, her grace, her beauty
We'll meet someday, And I will be brave
To be my own self, her face, my serendipity.