Monday, November 23, 2015

To A Painter, Poet And Muse

To my dark muse, There you are in the candlelight
I write this to you as if you weren't reachable
So I will try to state what I feel in my writing
I find you're a beauty of dreams highly kissable
For me to dream of us kissing under a dark altar
Speak aloud the words you'll say to me desirable
And all this I can see from now visions of a far
You're like a rainbow's end a beautiful mystery
To know where you go when you rest to go sleep
For our names as lovers will go down in history
And my heartstrings play emotions running deep
So take a chance on the one thing I see for us
And dine with me through the dark of the night
I find this dream is not at all inconceivable
And my time writing this while you lie dreaming
I know what we can have is that made by stellar
As long as we meet someday we will be serenity.