Monday, November 23, 2015

If You Must Forget

If I can tell you anything now
I will tell you this exactly
This is what I want to know:

When I gaze upon the moon
How doth shines the sun
To light up such wonders
Like the look you give

The look
That burning heart
Those eyes cast flames
That smile so surprising
Piece my soul
The aim to which you seek
Be that of your intent
To have to strike
A Heart unto fires
That lies in your eyes

A tale of our time
That if you were here
You'd say the same
We are crossed
A star marked by another
That falls into yours
Worlds collide
The word unites
As the ring
I would give
If true
You are

Is this what you want?
The desires of eyes
Flames will arise
For all that you are

You could be what I seek
The heat is scorching
Match made of stars
In you such a star
You simply

But if you must forget
What could have been
To us a glorious end
To all lies
In your choice