Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Under The Ice

It is like being trapped under the ice
To be so helpless in this situation
Not knowing if I'll live to see you

Without you nothing will ever suffice
As to be another woman's infatuation
Such as that of yours was so true

I burn for it more now every night
And every night I dream I see us
Tonight is especial because of you

Your beauty and smile is of light
For your mine in this premonition
A sign that I see lights fade anew

I want you, only you, your family
Your smile is like no other I seen
And if I had you through our years

I would've been that man smilingly
When I see those eyes burn so green
It erases all my childhood fears

I've come to tears reading stories
On how our love has forever changed
Lives in so many ways I am greatful

I want our love story be histories
Greatest love story of how winged
Angels can carry our fate faithful.