Monday, November 23, 2015

One Woman For A Poet

If you can only have, One Friend,
One Woman, One live our lives out
I choose you, To have A Best Friend
A Partner, A Wife to rid the doubt

I would want to be with only you
There in the twilight stillness
Of the night I met you I then knew
All my dreams came true in loviness

And if only I can, Be Us Together
I want to live the rest of my days
As I am a man, Who Loves A Lover
A Woman of all dreams past strays

From the limelight stages I am on
And for those years spent searching
I knew I found her so I'll be strong
the life with her is worth having

I burn strong, forever burn fires
I will never abandon you like before
This song, written with such desires
what fate has for me behind the door

Are you her, The one from my visions
I know your her whose love is divine
You there, In my whole admirations
I found that you were my dream mine

I want to burn for all your desires
See the beauty inside that you hide
And this comes from your eyes fires
For I'll ask if you'll be my bride

And I will be yours til forevermore
Until the day I die I will had lived
My last breath of words be your name
This is all for you my dear beloved.