Monday, November 23, 2015

City Lights

All the colours and lights of the cityscape
Is this the right time to set you free?
And go away from here to have then escape?
I will never arrived to where you'll be
I want to believe it will all go so well
I can't know as I'm living inside a hell
For when you said "I Do" to another man
I kept thinking "I'll marry you" if I can
In the scenes of coming tides of storms
Will be the obsticles for living dreams
Now is the time for me to act upon this
For every moment without A time I'll miss
Now I see the city lights are fading out
All I can think how soon they have come
For when I think where you are in doubt
I know that you'll find a way back home
To me where we'll walk the heavens as one
And in this for all the things I've done.