Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Dream With An Angel

Dear someone, someone I knew or never knew,
I only knew inside a dream, while I’ve dreamt.
One day, or someday, that if we ever meet,
That I will be waiting, to carry you in times,
In moments of darkness I’ll be your light.
I want to share with you the times of life,
My life, Your life, Everyone around at times
I dreamt and it was about me and it was you
I knew then I wanted to spend my life with
You sharing, caring, dealing with day to day
Things which may come our way in these times
It is for you and your family that I’ll pray
For you’ll be safe with blessing from God
I want for you to be happy even though
You may never meet me, we may never last,
And I wanted to be someday at your feet,
Begging, Pleading for you to forgive me
I know that I can be unlikeable but if you
Do forgive and one day we do meet, someday
I’ll be forever yours.