Monday, November 23, 2015

How I Long

Oh how I long to caress you
You are the queen of hearts
Angel of all those dreams
My heart breeds for you
This time I won't give up

Oh how I burn to marry you
Oh Liza
You're my winter rose queen
Angel of all my secret desires
My dreams, My fantasies of us
I want your Love and Trust

Kiss those lips
As I run my fingers
Through your hair
And dip you back gently
Caress your inner soul
I can do this forever
To see you there
As you say words kindly
"I DO"
I would say in wonders
I know when you do say
These words back to me
"I Love You"
Be my words in yonders
I'll love all the way
And I'll never flee

Oh how I long to have said to you
You are so beautiful, so gorgeous
I seen roaring fires in your eyes
Mine eyes were so lit by the fire
And this I have come to realize
I have to change before we can be

Oh how I long to say this to you
You'll always light up of my life
You truly are like the burning sun
So divine, so perfect I'll define
Everyone else I Love based on you
And how you changed my life for me.