Monday, November 23, 2015

To Love A Woman

To love is to be unselfish, loyalty reigns
To burn is to cast oneself into the flames
All in the name of the love for a woman

To pine for the woman where there's a sign
To yearn for all those feelings to be same
All my life I've been searching as a man

Who loves a woman this much and much more
For it is all my dreams that will tell me
If it will play out like dreams had before

Which time will tell if we will ever see
As the woman of all my desires in my soul
Comes blazing back into my life like fate

This will be in life is my only true goal
Become the man she deserves in life await
To see me evolve to the man of substance

And become the man of all her wild dreams
To be that man who will carry her home
And never let the fires in her eyes die.