Monday, November 23, 2015

Nicole R.

Your like a ray of hope
Like the sun unto stars
I wish for you to be safe
For the beauty you are
Is to be kept from harm
Like my writing novels
I penned a tale of charm
A story of two young souls
Making it in this world
Would be an accomplishment
For me to be where I heard
The words of merriment
The words "I do" or "Love"
For all things will be
And all things were above
Meant for us to be free
Of what I see ahead
The voice of an angel
The words now read
And things can revel
In the fact that I Love you
I burn for that sensation
Of your kiss, Nicole!
You are my great passion
I want to show you a life
Which I can be with you
There making our days work
And all the times we view
What is this story's work
A tale unto the ages is to pass
And time is as the die is cast
All things shall come to pass
In this wonderful life
But without you is cold
Dark, gray and alone
But my heart is gold
I Love Your Family, You
And forever I will prove
What it meant for me to love
You - Forever.