Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Without You

Without you in my life I would never be complete
The missing pieces to this puzzle lies within you
And what you decide to do now at this crucial time
To the world as it is life I've always been obsolete
For to me love is more important money is my view
And people knew this be the reason for this rhyme
I'll make your heartstrings sweet melodies sing words
I want this of you to imagine how it could've been
The years would could be happy together a serendipity
To have met at all then but now I want to hear words
Your thoughts, ambitious dreams, desires, all goals
People say that our love if true will last eternity

I want to know your dreams and what you have seen
Did you ever dreams of us a wild passionate romance
I think that in this time we are star-crossed souls
For this time I will make things a real true reality
The stories of old that people told about the chance
We had to become one unity, then have entwined souls
We can still have this in time I believe it was here
Now that we were ever really meant to be in divinity
I will pray that you decide what you'll do cause know
My love is true of all years seen in all of our pasts
If you do choose I hope you'll chose from your heart
Because I couldn't see life without I'd die somehow

For all my life I've been dreaming of a woman there
Whose love was the greatest things this world's seen
And she was the one to save me from all of the harm
I know that she was out there as I search as inspire
With those eyes burning wild passionate fires green
I know she was so close but I knew I'd see her alarm
Maybe she had saw that this was all too much for her
And because of this I could not be more regretful of
All the things that have come to past now I must show
How wrong she was in that I'm not what is said either
I am a man who loves a woman for what I seen her love
And the glimmer of sparkle of twilight in her eyes now

I believe she was a woman who desired me to be myself
I never tried to be anything or myself because of them
I do burn for those nights to turn into days come true
This is my legacy...to be the great love story ending
For that Woman was you and for that I've wrote a poem
Because that day you said you loved me is in my view
The greatest day ever lived to me until we're married
Then everyday is the great days of what summer's burn
A promise of love, secrets revealed unto lovers unity
If that be in life that you're mine and this carried
Onto a higher love of a greater forces divine in turn
I'd ask "Would You Marry Me" we'll be together for all