Monday, November 23, 2015

This Story Upon A Screen

To all those who know what it means to Love
And for those who've lost in life out of it
These few brief lines of the arrows that hit
The heart in harsh times cause pain above
All things I cannot go on with knowing this
That someone else is sleeping next to her
For the fires she burned, I seen it in her
In her eyes makes the promise of just a kiss
For now my time on this earth is half over
And nothing in life I've done to be married
If I had her as bride, know she'd be carried
I would gave one hundred percent as her lover
I will change my lifestyle and whole mindset
To suit the needs of my dream-bride shining
In her eyes I seen those fires there burning
It was a sight that I could never ever forget
So I wait for a chance to come by where I do
Whatever I can to make this dream a reality
Then I must comfort her for all of eternity
And I know that the woman I write for is you.