Monday, November 23, 2015

A Marriage

Romance, The act of marriage for you  and I
The embrace to which has been foreseen above
Enfold me, Your wings behind your back I spy
With the sunny forecast of our undying love
Marry me, If you feel you can't live without
I want to be your knight in shinning armour
Evidence, I've seen signs we belong together
I dreamt of us in the visions of a forever
Serendipity, A tell-tale sign of our unity
A time when things are like french deja-vu
Eternity, I shall burn for you in serenity
Like the perfect ending I now see in view
Love me, I want all of your heart for me
You once said 'I Love You, Joel' I heard
Stay with me, We are souls crossed-stars
If you die I will die too will be the word
So for me to have been here to set free
The words that linger deep inside my heart
Is to hope against hopes you'll come to me
And everything will be a picture of art
You and me together at last you can say
I Love You and hear those words said back
I Love you and I will burn in every way
For the seasons when you left turned black
Alack, I have not the wit to carry on
This story of two souls trapped in times
Taken Aback, By your beauty so I pen a song
And this be the reason for all my rhymes
Complicity, my writing of us will last
Forever people watch all my screenplays
Honesty, I want the truth of your past
I want to know if the real you stays
I've seen the dreams of desires somehow
Now they're just visions of what was
If I could have just one thing in life
It would be you as you are mine because
Our souls belong together no matter what
The cost of this future is that high
For what I saw was something good at
The golden edge of all destiny's sky.