Monday, November 23, 2015

The Light Of My World

In stillness of the morning light,
Burns the very sun which you are.
And all I can think is how wonderful,
“To Love You Everyday Like This,"
So whole, pure of depth of beauty,
            Of such emotions cause,
            The burning in your eyes,
Cause of the fires in mine to burn,
For life and love I have learnt,
That you cannot win them all,
And things come to pass,
But not this Love which,
Is to be forever.

In the beauteous light of evenings,
Is where I await for you in dreams,
And all I can think is how beautiful,
“To Love You Everynight Like This,”
I would’ve risk a single kiss,
If all that is be all this,
Yearning for you,
For you are like the sun in my world,
I pray for you among the stars,
Of which the sun shines upon,
      The light in your eyes,
          Be lit by the skies,
                    And fires.

In the daybreak of which I think of us,
And all I ask of you in life is your trust,
Your hand in holy matrimony and life,
I write that you’re my light of my time,
           And I have and do in my life,
             Be all of what I will give,
                   It’s not perfect but,
                           Neither am I,
We can only make of ourselves as are,
This time I will promise to not give up,
 I will not let of this promise,
I owe you my whole world,
“I Love You Forever” I say,
For you I will write us,
A tale of passion,
To say just this,
I Love You.