Friday, December 18, 2015

Walk on

To me you are Melissa like the stars
That burst forth such light upon the skies
To see this beautiful sight in your eyes
That is a sight more beautiful by far.

I wanted to say to you how you make me
Smile to see yours when I see you
I like that smile more now
I find that time has a way
To make things easier in time
So this I wanted you to know
That when I do think about you
I will smile for you and how
With things turning around
The Great Mother Earth Will Be
Alright in The Distant Future
I hope to her your beautiful sound
The Sound of Your Voice and Music
I hope that you'll always stay free
And to write this into literature
Would be that we are one in cosmic
Universe That Brought Us Here.

I can't know the future up ahead
But I can tell you this that if
We ever cross paths that we will
Say hello and walk on.