Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Time Long Past

Only in time could one heal their wounds
Love is danger in a way i have found
If you Love too much is will end badly
But if you're Loved to little it hurts
I could only say to you so candidly
I wish I was who you turn to when in hurt
Many of nights dreaming all possibilities
And things left yet unsaid but I wait
For the right things in my destiny's
The girl whom I met as per my fate
My life is something to be written
A story of years of years dreaming
Of a Love never to be forgotten
It's my words and all feelings
Written just for you to make you,
Smile when you see what progress
I have made on my writing I do
Think that it would be nice one day
To see you in that wedding dress
To which I will Love you everydays