Monday, March 3, 2014

When I Wish Upon The Sky - 3rd March 2014

The skies in the night's when i wish upon stars
With a hope for a romance as stellar as the sky
Without your kiss, your smile and gentle touch
I would be praying for your safety and eyes
To see mine looking back into yours and say
The things are written for you and only you
I write and i do everything for only you
Your voice is my solace which it does say
I love you Joel, I cherish these words
I cherish them so, they are my dearest
My thoughts in daily life are about you
Your in my dreams where you do also say
I love you Joel, I want you to live better
I miss the things you say and the days
That were spent dreaming in the night
About a love once all who knew
You were the one, the one I loved
And I couldn't be happier with you.