Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On The 4th That Night

It was an Autumn evening when I
Was starry eyed and very smitten
By the most attractive woman
That I have ever seen in life
It seems a bit like a forbidden
Love tale which it seems to be
I wish that I could've been hers
I want to be her only mannie
And want her to Love Me for Me
For my accomplishments and self
That I admire her for being her
And the most caring of people
In this world she is amazingly
Loving, Fun to be around her,
Making everyones day with her,
Smile and sense of personality
I wish that Autumn day years back
I had asked her to be my wife
But things ended up like it is
If only a situation like this
I could prevail to become great
A man once said as he was dying
That the only regret is that
He didn't Love enough in life.