Monday, March 17, 2014

To Jessie B.

From the first moment I saw you there
Looking at me with your blonde hair
Your eyes so brown and smile so nice
I think I might have fallen to far
I wanted to speak to you without it
I wish that I'd brought you pictures
Since it was the first month of this
Alas, my coyness got me by nature
I wanted to be yours and only yours
I wanted you to have had read this
The days that I live for nights of
Dreams of Love, Happiness and Joy
To you give to me this a coy boy
Whose feelings are mutual in this
Situation of affairs yet to be seen
Is that you have the same feelings
Of which I write this to you now
I wish we could be oh somehow
But yours is to live with someone
And mine is to die alone, oh so alone.