Saturday, March 8, 2014

Rings of Destiny

I see the moon at half a moon
I wonder where you are dreaming
I make a wish upon a shooting star
That you'd find your way back here
I miss the way you'd look at me
Standing across the hallways and see
Me smiling back at you smiling
It was so beautiful to have been seen
As if it were me to make you smile
Everyday I dream of a friendship
More beautiful then words can say
I know I must live towards a new day
And make the best of what relationship
With sibilings and family members alike
I think it would be wonderful is we
Were one storybook romance in our life
Like the tale goes we live happily
With rings bound for an eternity
To a promise of Love and to cherish
The soul within each of our beings
For this is the story that has florish
The feelings in a garden of emotion
For what was was now done and gone
And my rivers run into a deep ocean
That my thirst for your Love never
Ceases to be and only you can Love me
No one else can take your place here
Here with me is the Love I give you
And when together we are but two
Perfect souls that could be aflame
That our words written for eachother
These words of Love yet but the same
And I have but the world for you
I have my heart, my Love and gold
And seeing you, my eyes have me sold
Bold to dare ask for your hand
And show all through the land
That even dreams do yet come true
I dream of us and still Loving you.