Saturday, March 8, 2014

Untitled Poem for Facebook - 8th March 2014

Dreams may last a entire lifetime
But this Love is for here and now
I write these words written rhymes
For my Love for you to now know
That I would do anything for you
Your eyes so green is like an Eden
A garden of green with your eyes
I admire the way you call for me
I would never break your heart
I would never tell you no lies
If we ever were torn right apart
I would then give you, your space
I want to live dreams I am given
Dreams of us, your family and me
We can be the greatest Lovers ever
Don't ever say that never means no
Your touch once long ago I felt
That only I can write of this prose
This tale, this story that I felt
In once upon a time was a dream
A story of right and of both wrong
The lyrics and words to a song
And the story about lives it'd seem
I now play with the cards dealt
And to you I gave a single rose
That everybody would then know
That the only one who Loved was me
From beginning to the very end
I want you to be partner and friend
For better or worst of it all in all
I remember then I took the fall
To fall head over heels for you
Now we are where the cards land
And I tell you I am a better man
For the words you said to me
That I would ask for your hand
In marriage and then be your man
And I want to set your heart free.