Wednesday, March 12, 2014


You know that one girl you never
Said Hello to because of fear
Of rejection or despondence
You miss the opportunity
To talk to this one Girl
You in hindsight wished
That you had asked her out
Because you dreamt of her
Romantically and even
A Marriage dreamt up with her
I dream of this Girl like this
I dream we were Married
But it never ended up like this
I am afraid that if she said
I don't like you and don't
Talk to me ever again I'd die
I'd cry, for days unending
Knowing fulling I want this Girl
In the romantic way that Romeo
Wanted to Marry Juliet
A Love you know shouldn't be
But you want it because you Love
This Girl you can't stop thinking
Of because you never want to
It would be nice in a perfect world
If things like the movie romance
Could happen to people everyday
But hollywood is a land of make-believe
But I do believe True Love Exist
As does everyone else and it's hard
Finding the right Woman to Love
For me knowing that she may not feel
The way that I feel for her or maybe
Not on the same level that I feel.